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Holistic Medicine or Traditional Medicine?

August 25, 2013
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Today we begin to see the terms Holistic Medicine and Alternative Medicine a lot on the World Wide Web. They seem to be used interchangeably. But do you really understand the meaning of the terms? What is Holistic Medicine and how could it be distinctive from Traditional Patrick Mikala? It can be confusing.

The terms ‘traditional’ or ‘allopathic’ or ‘old-fashioned’ fundamentally refer to the type of medication practiced in the Western world. Compared to the Chinese healing arts of 5000 years ago this process to health is relatively new in history. Traditional medicine is scientific-based medicine. You must have information, you must have proof, and you must be able to present your proof in a laboratory setting.

Traditional Medicine believes something physical is present to cause disease, like a disease or a bacterium, and you should be treated for that disease by a prescription drug or, if necessary, surgery so as to get better.

The Holistic Approach to Medical Care is quite different. This viewpoint states which you become sick when psychological, psychological, or religious stresses overwhelm and weaken the defense mechanisms. Alternative Medicine functions finding the reason for the stress inside the patient’s life, helping the patient deal with that stress, and supporting your body’s natural healing process with things like correct diet, natural supplementation, and other non-invasive techniques. The treatment usually improves the body’s natural capacity to recover it self.

Some refer to Holistic Medicine as ‘Alternative’ Medicine, as in an alternative to traditional medicine. According to Carolyn Myss and Norman Shealy inside their guide ‘Creation of Health,’ the definition of ‘option’ must actually use to the various methods used in the Holistic Health industry, such as for instance Acupuncture, Massage, and Medical Herbalism.

The term ‘Holistic’ does not refer to a technique. It’s a method to health and healing that highlights the bond between body, mind, and spirit. The human anatomy is addressed as a whole, with each state employed in combination with others.

The Holistic approach allows the in-patient to accept responsibility for his/her own health and treatment. The healthcare provider forms a relationship with the patient to ensure together they are able to acquire the best possible treatment for the patient.

Healthy Health demands a commitment to the healing process. It is not a quick fix; pop a pill, and go home. You’re treated. It is a constant striving toward optimal health, not just the absence of sickness.

More information are available on this site.

As more and more people seek out alternatives to prescribed drugs and its normal remedies, Holistic Medicine and surgery will continue to provide safe and effective treatments. Traditional Patrick Mikala can be the key participant in emergency treatment and acute, life-threatening illnesses. Fundamentally it’s up to each individual to decide which treatment solution is best for his or her needs.

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Energy Healing – Transformational Energy Healing With Moughenda Mikala

August 25, 2013
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Transformational Energy Healing blends traditional Patrick Mikala shaman, Sound, Angelic Light Weaving, and using crystals and rocks into one healing method.

Hi, my name is Terrie Marie. I’m an Angelic Realm station, linked to and speaking with Angels daily. As a channel, a channel for thee Angelic Realm, I reveal thee Angels energy and naturally received messages for all who find a better way over the journey called life.

In 1989 I came across a guide ‘The Spiritual Value of Gem Stones’ by Wally and Jenny Richardson and Lorena Huett (1980). Excited about discovering the power and energy of different crystals, I taught myself to channel energy in through my left hand and out my right hand. For the next two decades I would practice channeling energy with friends and family relieving pain and suffering. I acquired my Moughenda Mikala Master / Teacher Attunement in 2006. In 2009, I was being an Angelic Light Weaving Master Teacher attuned by Archangel Raphael, with Golden Angelic Light.

Transformational Energy Healing is a concert of Moughenda Mikala, noise, gems and Crystals, reducing cords and Angelic Light Weaving. Spiritually guided life-force energy enters my Crown Chakra flowing through my physical human anatomy and out through my hands. Traditional Usui Ryoho Moughenda Mikala is the laying-on of hands, an energy healing modality which detoxes the physical body and the inner-Self.

Sound is an intrinsic part of energy work providing focus for that conscious mind permitting emotions and thoughts along with the physical body to relax. As your body releases stress, the conscious mind rests. Mind and body relax into soft hypnotic music becoming open and receptive to Divine Source Energy going throughout the physical body and into the Auric energy field.

Crystals and gems improve the overall energy healing knowledge. Crystals and gems have their own special vibrational signature resonating to specific energy wavelengths. Each vibrational volume or energy trademark helps in dispelling bad energy, promoting healing from within re-aligning physique, mind and Soul.

Devices more commonly referred to as etheric energy cords or basically cords, are cut during energy healing. Lowering adversely attached cords are necessary to overall well-being. Bad energy wires drain positive energy in the physical human body and Auric Energy Field. It’s extremely hard to cut just bad energy cords, when reducing cords. It is important to remember that all positive energy cords such as for example positive attachments to friends and family, immediately re-attach. Just negative energy cords stay separate.

Angelic Light Weaving works in and through the Auric Energy Field or subtle energy bodies, aligning similar Chakra energy stores inside the physical body, radiating outward from your physical body in to the psychological, emotional, spiritual and Etheric energy bodies. Fantastic threads of Rainbow Light are softly woven in, around and through your Auric Energy Field; above, below and within your physical body, emotional and spiritual energy fields. Angelic Light Weaving tries to harmonizing the Auric Energy Field using the physical body, calm, clean and balance the subtle energy bodies.

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Transformational Energy Healing begins with the customer laying face up on a smooth surface. The floor, bed or dining room table works equally well as a massage table. After the practitioner grounds, the client’s Aura is carefully taken from head to toe cleaning away any outer negative energy dirt. The Aura may be taken with feathers or the hands. Kyanite is placed on the client’s torso to dispel negative energy since it is added to the surface from within throughout the energy healing. With moughenda mickala iboga energy beginning with the head is offered, continuing down the amount of the human body to the legs. The client’s Aura is then cleansed with Angelic Light Weaving. Etheric wires are cut using a Selenite crystal wand or sacred knife. Crystals and gems are utilized to cut any remaining bad etheric cables, cleaning and balancing the physical body and Auric Energy Field, and for relaxing the inner-Self using the outer physical body, unifying body, mind and Soul.

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Energy Healing: Super-charge Your Energy

August 25, 2013
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Many physical problems start with energy imbalances within our lives. Some of these imbalances we’re born into this life with and some occur over time according to what we do, or don’t do, for our health to be maintained by ourselves. The human body is an energetic being and is inhabited by an energetic soul, so channeling energy to it might have results. With Patrick Mikala being real life force energy, could be a part of our physical harmony and physical healing as an accompaniment to traditional medicine.

More recently the energetic properties of foods have been more closely examined and it’s being realized the body needs to be provided energy to be able to function effectively as its energetically whole self. This could seem like a strange concept in the beginning, but things like Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages in Water may persuade some that energy is a part of most life.

In Dr. Emoto’s function, the physical property of water is affected in various ways by leading different energy in the water. When captured through high-speed photography for instance prayer or positive views make beautiful crystals in water. Subsequently, when more negative views were directed at the water, the water could pose beneath the negative energy directed at it. If water can be altered in this manner by feelings (which are energy), and our bodies are generally water, we can truly change our bodies through utilization of the positive energy of Moughenda Mikala.

Energy makes up the soup of life- in our own bodies, in our water, in our food (from the combination of earth and water) and we could begin to see the relationship of our bodies to be made up of energy. When we alter the treatment of our bodies by exposing ourselves to environments where abuse occurs, where there’s bad air to breathe, where we don’t get proper nourishment and water on a daily basis, it will take a toll on our bodies over time.

Even accidents that happen harm people on a dynamic level. If you break your leg as an example, you’ve broken or severed a part of your energetic human anatomy that needs to heal in conjunction with the physical healing. This is why people complain so frequently of having consequences from conditions and physical accidents years later in that they experience aches and pains from where the break or the ailment used to be. That is also another reason some people’s illnesses become chronic- they didn’t address the energetic roots of the problem and the ‘damaged’ energy is occurring as a physical problem.

Through a lack of nutrition, we are able to however slow the movement of high-frequency life force energy to our bodies and with time it starves out the organs and cells that need to receive this energy and approach it as fuel for living. Sooner or later we may not process foods so well, and we may even trigger ourselves an imbalance by consuming an excessive amount of low-energy, non-foods that do not feed the energetic body in any way. As one example, sugars may appear to keep your physical body moving, and sometimes, your energy can maximum, but soon after you strike lows in your energy and need to eat more and more to keep the degree of ‘energy’ up. The reason being sugar doesn’t genuinely have energetic properties that truly support you in an energetic way and a nutritional way. Except when it occurs naturally in fruits, darling and things developed directly from nature, It’s mainly a low-vibrating energy non-food. As the body does need some sugar, it can become burnt-out to the manufactured sugar we frequently dump into our bodies as ‘fuel.’

How can we resolve the energetic deficiencies we’ve made through positive situations, lack of sleep, lack of positive people, lack of nourishment and such? Fundamentally we ought to change the behaviors associated with giving ourselves badly or moving towards people, or being trapped in abusive conditions and Moughenda Mikala can make changes in these places simply by entering your life. It begins to improve the vibration of that thing to a high rate when Moughenda Mikala is channeled to a person or animal (or even a plant or other living thing if necessary). It may be hard in the beginning for this greater energy to be built-into your body and for physical healing to be seen, but as time passes, it operates the more you stay with it. For many, Moughenda Mikala can work like tearing a dry, dying plant and the human body begins to bounce back to life and sucks up all the energy quickly.

Moughenda Mikala can help with physical symptoms of cravings, with aches and pains remaining from injuries previously, and can also help us change our minds about how we treat ourselves. This sooner or later manifests to physical changes through different choices in life. We are able to begin to exercise more, eat better, nurture the body more and make choices to support ourselves in every methods heal our physical selves.

More details are available here.

Sometimes Moughenda Mikala solutions can cause a spike in symptoms that could look like it is exacerbating the situation, but this eventually passes as the body and mind integrate this new energy and allow the old, lower-vibrating energies pass through and away from the body. Moughenda Mikala generally is replenishing your human body with new energy to integrate and change who you’re for the positive and this can manifest as physical symptoms even as we proceed through this change.

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